The Collaborative Design Group, in conjunction with Gold Hill Mesa, held a design charrette for the future mixed-use neighborhood center at U.S. Highway 24 and 21st Street in Colorado Springs. More to come later, but here are a few photos from the organized chaos referred to as a charrette.

Our host, Bob Willard, provides his input from the initial scribbles of the charrette.

A view to the north of the existing Smoke Stack.

Eric Fetsch and Bill Fisher discuss the opportunities and constraints of the site's topography.

Mark Tremmel relates the site model to the actual site

A portion of the team discusses the many components near the Highway 24 portion of the site. In Photo from left to right: Eric Fetsch, John Olson, Todd Liming, Bill Fisher, and Ann Fetsch.

An overhead view of the progress from the charrette.

The team discusses retail and the ideas of incremental urbanism. In photo from left, clockwise: Bill Fisher, Todd Liming, Bob Willard, Ann Fetsch, Eric Fetsch, Kristin Ubben, and John Olson.