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noun: collaboration; plural noun: collaborations

1. the act of listening to & working with one or more individuals to agreeably create something spectacular!


“LGA Studios, Tremmel Design Group, CDG Project Studio & Galletta Architecture collaborated on an architecture project.”


Institutional & Master Planning

The Collaborative Design Group is a multi-disciplinary team of creative and professional planners, architects, engineers, interior designers and sustainability consultants. We integrate function, beauty and budget to enrich our clients, the environment and the community. The Collaborative Design Group is located on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Meet the Design Members

The team is currently a collection of creative and like minded individuals working together to create beautiful spaces.

Larry Gilland, Principal, LEED-AP NCBDC | LGA Studios Owner

A respected community leader, Larry Gilland has been a consistent name among designers and architects who design for the top Colorado Springs and national contractors, as well as private custom clients. Owning his own architectural design company for over 28 years, his numerous projects include structures designed for the exclusive Summit County, Beaver Creek and Colorado Springs resort communities, as well as Scottsdale, AZ, Santa Fe, NM, Ambergris Key Belize, and a hospital clinic in Nigeria. His work has been published in several industry publications. His passion for sustainable design has led him to become involved in, and a leader in Green and Sustainable Design.

LGA STUDIOS is an award-winning architectural design firm specializing in custom, luxury, and production home design, commercial architecture, and sustainability. Our team, led by Larry Gilland, is dedicated to excellence in architecture, bringing imagination, innovation, and integrity to every project, and the highest level of service to every client.


Phone: (719)-635-0880

Email: vision@lgastudios.com


Woodman Valley Redefined

STYLE: Refined Lodge  |  LOCATION: Woodmen Valley, Colorado Springs  |  SQ FT: 5,000+  |  BUILT BY: Goetzmann Homes

With the style and elegance of a European country estate set amidst Rocky Mountain splendor, this home provides luxurious comfort. Timber trusses and soaring ceilings make for a dramatic entry, while wooden shutters and petite balconies give this home its cozy charm.

The hillside lot this home sits on includes a cluster of hoodoos, naturally occurring rock spires sculpted by thousands of years of erosion, and these became a focal point in designing the pool area and outdoor living space. 

Mark Tremmel, Principal, AIA | LEED-AP, Tremmel Design Group Owner

Mark has over twenty-eight years of experience in providing design excellence in creating beautiful, client driven, award winning sustainable residential and commercial buildings and places. Mark has provided town planning for communities in Ohio and Colorado. He is a frequent speaker in Southern Colorado regarding the balance of sustainability and economic feasibility. 

TREMMEL DESIGN GROUP (TDG)  was created in early 2008 by the former partner of Colorado Architecture Partnership, Mark Tremmel. TDG works as joint venture partnership to provide superior architectural design and client care services for Colorado Springs and the surrounding region. Trained to the most current digital drawing standards, TDG has the capacity to envision and detail every project to exacting professional standards while conforming to rigorous budgets and schedules.


Phone: (719)-623-5641

Email: Mark@TremmelDesign.com


The Lowell Neighborhood

The Lowell Neighborhood, is a growing community that resides just south of downtown Colorado Springs. This Colorado Springs community, with purposefully wide sidewalks, slow car speeds, green plazas, and beautifully designed mixed-used buildings is not something you would expect to find in the rapidly expanding city. The 58-acre lot is not only home to Tremmel Design Group, but has over 200 residents and a variety of businesses.

The neighborhood currently includes, Prestwick Village and Commons, a Live/Work lofts, Westwood Townhomes, Wyndam Place, a place for seniors, and the Poet’s Lofts.

Lou (AIA) & Lynnette Galletta

Galletta Architecture Founders

Lou is an accomplished designer and architect with a strong belief in the built environments power to dignify and inspire. Focusing primarily on Educational, Advanced Industry, Housing and Commercial Office design, Lou cultivates an inclusive approach to design– one which promotes exploration, seeks enrichment and meets program while delivering economical solutions. His strong leadership and diplomacy skills enable effective communication and collaboration among clients, contractors and consultant teams. His technical proficiency and on-site experience results in clear and complete project documentation and smooth administration during construction. He is a current member and past president of the American Institute of Architects, Colorado South and has served on numerous community planning and development initiatives for the city of Colorado Springs promoting sustainable, livable communities and in-fill development. Lou is an adjunct instructor at Pikes Peak Community College.

Lynnette’s exceptional organizational skills and critical thinking ability informs her passion for design and planning. The diversity of her experience ranges from K-12 educational, facility planning/ space utilization and high-end residential. In 2005 Lynnette started her own practice, Studio G Architects, focusing on residential and small commercial projects in an effort to gain greater design autonomy and to fully understand the business and management of a design firm.

In 2014, Galletta Architecture was established from Studio G Architects, founded in Colorado as a residential and commercial firm in 2005. We have expanded our services and market focus through offices in Colorado and New York to better align with the diversity of our acquired through 25 years of practice. We continue a commitment to design excellence, a personalized service and hold to a process with affords active engagement in all our projects. Embracing a paradigm of doing more with less, we utilize technology and a business model that reduces overhead while delivering maximum value to our clients.


Email: Contact@GallettaArchitecture.com

Phone: Colorado: 719-502-1433 | New York: 917-510-5272


Alpine Paint

Alpine Paint’s second retail location in Summit County. Situated along a highly visible busy retail corridor, key  project goals were to establish a presence and much needed exterior renovation of two existing low-rise structures on the site. Heavy-timber, corrugated metal panel and wood siding combine to define an architectural vocabulary which acknowledges the mountain design aesthetic yet is distinctively contemporary in massing and juxtaposition of materials. This project received a Town of Silverthorne Economic Development Committee Grant during design and was recently recognized by the Silverthorne Town Council for its economic development contribution.

“…Alpine Paint far exceeded the expectations of Council and Committee” and “ has completely revitalized the corner of Annie Road and Highway 9.”

Benjamin Tabolt

CDG Project Studios


Benjamin is a 2008 graduate of Syracuse University. He has in-depth experience in both commercial and residential design. He has worked with numerous companies in a number of positions including Project Architect, Project Manager, Construction Manager and BIM Manager. Ben has successfully customized Revit Software for multiple companies and has completed many design projects using BIM technology. His passion is to support individuals and companies in using the latest technologies available to create the best possible project solutions.

CDG Project Studio is a support company with a goal of making your design project the best it can possibly be. This is accomplished by utilizing the latest technologies and design practices to create visually stunning, BIM integrated projects that both increase efficiency of design as well as the quality of the completed product. 


Phone: (315) 777-6392

Email: ben@cdgprojectstudio.com


Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods Club & Resort is developing a neighborhood of homes with LGA Studios that overlooks the beautiful rock formations. CDG Project Studio has worked closely with the designers to produce renderings that give potential buyers an understanding of what the spatial interior, views, finishes, and furnishings will be in built form.

John (AIA) Goodloe

Goodloe Architecture Founder

Founded in 2016, Goodloe Architecture LLC provides professional architectural services through John Goodloe, AIA. The firm is deeply committed and grounded in the Colorado Springs community, with most of our work in the Pikes Peak region. We have a broad range of project experience from over 30 years in the architectural profession. The firm’s core work and primary experience is in the education and hospitality world. We work closely with each client to tailor design teams best suited to the project scope and budget. We are comfortable as the team lead or as a participating team member. In any role, Goodloe Architecture will bring a dedication to the client’s needs, budget, and project quality.


Email: John.Goodloe.AIA@gmail.com

Phone: Colorado: 719-351-5704 


- Meet Our Resident Artist -

Eric Fetsch |

Watercolor Arist

Over the last several years Eric has been using watercolors to depict the scenes of landscapes and wildlife. Most recently, he has been changing mediums, switching to canvas and adding techniques to capture the textures and light that make Colorado Watercolors unique.

He offers monthly watercolor workshops which you can sign up for on his website. 


Phone: (719) 332-2412

Email: Ericfetsch@me.com



Architectural Design

As Architects and Designers we believe in the ability of spaces and places to be transformed into something better and more beautiful. We are trained to see the big picture. Architects are specially educated to help you define what you want to build, present options you might never have considered, and help you get the most for your valuable property investments. They don’t just design four walls and a roof — they create total environments, both interiors and exteriors, that are functional and exciting places in which to work and live.

The Collaborative Design Group has a strong preference for working WITH our clients on their projects. Listening, verifying, and then applying our expertise to provide for your needs while delighting you with better ways to see solutions. We are trained problem solvers. Need more room for your growing needs? Architects can show you how to enlarge your current place so you won’t have to move. Have a limited budget? Architects can propose ways to get more for your investment than you imagined possible.

Nature continues to be our inspiration in all aspects of our work. Understanding the lessons of specific location and climate often saves our clients’ money and gives their projects a timeless look that holds its value for decades. This sensitivity to place can also bring long term energy savings and healthier, more beautiful buildings filled with light and fresh air.

Architects can have a role in all aspects of the project, from site selection and feasibility studies through construction observation and project closeout procedures. Owners can negotiate the level and scope of services they are looking for with their specific project. At a minimum the architect is usually responsible for design, documentation and permitting. Architects help you get the most from your construction dollar and can reduce building costs, decrease your building’s energy needs, and increase its future resale value through good design.

Collaborative Design Group Architects and Designers make your life easier, more beautiful and our world better.

BIM and Revit Design, Training & Customization

Visualization and Marketing

For many projects, the design needs to be clearly communicated and in some cases advertised to the public in order for support of the project to grow. As designers we need to present our design information to our client in the most effective way to allow them to understand what the design intention is and what the finished product will look like. We use a number of styles, rendering, video walkthroughs etc. to prepare presentation material for companies. Whether it is a project that is developed in Revit, or an existing print that needs enhanced visualization to sell the client on the intended design, our staff is prepared to help bring your design ideas to life.


Our staff has experience in taking Revit software from an out of the box application to a completely customized solution for companies. We have assisted numerous organizations in making the transition to this software efficient and successful through a comprehensive analysis of the existing setup and organization of their design process. Once that organization is determined, an effective plan of customization is completed to make the transition as smooth as possible.


We provide companies with an understanding of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and its capabilities. We accomplish this through group discussions, blog entries, focus groups, problem-solving and general sharing of Revit design experience with other design companies. Our goal is to provide all interested parties the ability to understand how the Revit process works and how it can enhance their design project.
Community Planning

Our Community and Site Planning Team considers Holistic Sustainability as an organizing framework. Holistic sustainability refers to an organizing framework of the Triple Bottom Line: People, Planet, and Profit. It is the balance of a planning process with considerations of economics, the environment and the social interaction of the built environment. When the three are in harmony, holistic sustainability is the result.

Collaborative Design Group includes expertise in both the public and private industry and of course the inter-disciplinary expertise of our collaboration. We work with a broad range of private and public clients on project types including campus planning, community redevelopment, comprehensive plans, master planning, neighborhood planning and entitlements, park planning, small area plans, town planning and trail planning.

The integration of planning with in-house expertise in Architecture, Civil Engineering, Surveying, Landscape Architecture, Irrigation Design, provide unique opportunities in a relatively small group.

Interior Design

The study of interior design emerged in the mid- 19th century and has evolved into a field where professional designers guide clients through the creation and/or renovation of a commercial interior space.

Programming Phase—Phase One

Programming involves understanding the spatial requirements needed in a room or in a facility. Programming is the collection and review of the user’s requirements for the aesthetics and functionality of the project.   If the build-out is new, a series of interview questions might include: How many people will occupy the space and what tasks do they perform? What is the overall function of the space and does it have a dual purpose? What fixtures, furnishings, and equipment (FF&E) are needed? Are there specific lighting requirements? What storage is needed? Special criteria? Age groups using the space? What adjacencies are important?  In this phase, the design team will have a complete understanding of the project scope, start to develop a design theme and the character of the space.

Schematic Design Phase—Phase Two

Schematic Design is the first two-dimensional exploration of the space. Often bubble diagrams will help determine adjacencies and room profiles.  Through the use of Sketch-up or pen and paper, an initial layout will be determined.

Design Development Phase—Phase Three

After client approval of the schematic design, the team begins to develop preliminary Autocad or Revit drawings of interior floor plans with wall and partitions noted.  Reflected ceiling plans, carpet/floor layout plans, lighting plan, millwork sketches and drawings.  Presentation materials, such as 3-D computer graphics and presentation boards are provided in this phase.

Construction Documentation—Phase Four

In phase four,  documents such as architectural floor plans, sections, elevations, millwork details, finish legends, flooring patterns, electrical plans, lighting plans, switching diagrams, HVAC layout, plumbing plans, site plans, and specifications are finalized. The drawings and specifications are provided for the bid process (public) or to be estimated by a general contractor.

Construction Administration Phase—Phase Five

The final phase is to assist the end user with the evaluation of interior related items based on the Interior Design Contract Documents. The team will review interior related finish and material samples, fixture and millwork submittals and shop drawings, as well as coordinate the furnishing specification with the owner’s purchasing department. The designer attends project construction meeting if appropriate.

LEED Consulting

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a set of rating systems for the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of green buildings, homes and neighborhoods.

Developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), LEED is intended to help building owners and operators be environmentally responsible and use resources efficiently. Proposals to modify the LEED standards are offered and publicly reviewed by the USGBC’s almost-20,000 member organizations.

Started in 1998, LEED standards have been applied to more than 7,000 projects in the United States and 30 countries, covering more than 1.5 billion square feet (140 km²) of development area.

USGBC’s Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) offers various accreditations to people who demonstrate knowledge of the LEED rating system, including LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP), LEED Green Associate, and since 2011, LEED Fellows, the highest designation for LEED professionals. GBCI also certifies projects pursuing LEED.

LEED was most recently updated in 2009, to LEEDv3. It encompasses nine rating systems for the design, construction and operation of buildings, homes and neighborhoods. Five overarching categories correspond to the specialties available under the LEED Accredited Professional program.

The Collaborative Design Group specializes in building and design practices that LEED projects require.  CDG has eight LEED certified professionals experienced in certification of residential or commercial buildings, interior spaces, landscape design or neighborhood development.

Interested in our collaborative services?

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